My Diocese - Payroll Upload Processing System (PUPS)

Plan Administrator Announcement

Please read this letter from the Group Medical Insurance Trust (GMIT) Plan Administrator. (To open this file you will need Adobe PDF Reader.)

Step 1 - Formatting Your Deductions and Employee Details in QuickBooks

Please use the following documents to help guide you through the process of formatting your deductions and employee information in QuickBooks. This must be done in order to have a complete payroll upload.

Step 2 - Installing QuickBooks Add-On

This Add-On will be used to export your payroll from QuickBooks to our service provider, Who's Where. You will need to log-in QuickBooks as an administrator. (This is a one time installation.)

  • Click here to download the installation guide.
  • Click here to download the QuickBooks software add-on. This executable is certified as safe by the Office of Information Systems (OIS) Team of the Diocese of Brooklyn.  

Step 3 - QuickBooks Payroll Export and Who's Where Payroll Upload

Step 3a:  The QuickBooks Payroll Export Guide will show you how to easily export payroll files to your local computer. 

Step 3b: The Who’s Where Upload Guide will show you how to upload the payroll files from your local computer to Who’s Where, for Diocese-wide consolidation and reporting. 

Step 4 - Adding Employee Positions and Job Titles to Who's Where

Once your payroll is uploaded, use the following guide to determine which position relates an employee's job

  • Click here to download the list of employee positions and job titles.

Need help?

If you need help completing any or all these tasks, feel free to contact a member of the PUPS project team at 718-399-5915 or Rose Mitchell at 718-965-7300 x1306, or email her at